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in Nampa, Idaho

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[Homegrown seeds] I have been growing certified organic seeds at Canyon Bounty Farm since 2000. My small farm is tucked into the heart of the Treasure Valley in Southwestern Idaho where the climate is ideal for seed production. The 150-day growing season that is typically warm and dry, along with adequate water stores, has made this a world famous seed growing region. I also benefit from the experienced help of my family, successful seed crop farmers here for more than 30 years. It's for these reasons I decided to return to my hometown and grow organic vegetable seed crops. I had been growing fresh produce in Portland, OR, for six years. I have been raising the following crops for seed production: beans, edamamae soybeans, lettuce, peppers, onions, leeks, flowers, watermelons, musk melons and herbs. In addition to growing and harvesting these seed crops I am also set up to clean most varieties of seed. If you're interested in having some seed produced, please feel free to contact me.

Canyon Bounty Farm was established in 1999.